High Tech Hair Salon & Spa

High Tech Hair Salon & Spa provider of beauty services in the Philadelphia and Tri-State area. Offering hair cuts, color, styling, nail care, facials, waxing, spray tanning, make up and brow care. Also have bridal specials and bridal party offerings.



Specialty: Everything to do with beauty. By sitting in my chair I will transform you into a better you. I specialize in hair color, extensions and formal finishing. I see beauty in everyone and will create the hottest trend for you.

Work experience/ Education: At 14 yrs. old I was in the salon every single day. I couldn’t wait for beauty school so I started tech school. Honesty I didn’t learn much except for the theory of hair-I believe if you got it, you got it. I have a vision…I have style, I have confidence and a true talent and love for hair. How did I get this gift? I am creative, I have golden hands and an eye for color and beauty. I can read people and can feel what it is you want and need by sitting in my chair. Throughout school and my career I have attended classes all over the globe-Italy, NYC, New Orleans, Miami, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. I stay up to date on all the trends, not just hair. …skin, fashion, everything. If it has to do with females I know it. Need help with an outfit? I got you too…Relationship advice? No problem. I guess you can call this hair therapy.

Outside project: I am always looking for the next best thing, new things to learn, new ways to grow and new ways to build my name. My brand is me. I am confident in my work and in my eyes there is no competition.

Favorite products: Where do I begin? Are we talking hair? Skin? Makeup? For hair I love Oribe. I only use and work with the best. My holy grail product with them is Royal Blowout. Because who doesn’t want to cut blow dry time in half while attaining sleek glamorous hair.

Why did I start doing hair? There is too much ugly and bad hair in the world. Growing up I was raised to not walk out of the house without lipliner and my hair done and dressed to impress. Thanks Mom, I owe it all to you. In my eyes, it all starts with hair. I simple bang can change your appearance, some Balayage can brighten you and soften you at the same time. Some richness can make you more fierce. The smile when I am finished with you still gives me butterflies. The calls, texts and daily thank you’s and compliments gives me life. I love beauty, I love to help you, I am a true artiste’…

Why I am at High Tech: I want to be surrounded by people who inspire me. I want to watch and learn. You stop learning when you die. Lisa as a business owner has been truly inspirational to me. What other salon has been in business for over 35 yrs? Everyone knows High Tech. I am not sheltered here, I can express my creativity freely.

Hobbies: I love to travel, workout, get my nails done, read, shop, do face masks, good restaurants, dance, think of new ideas, family, snowboard, and learn new things.

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